Torque Foot

Our foundations rely on a principle of “Torque”. Applying torque to the foot creates a rotation force through the ankles, knees and hips, which starts a chain reaction, causing muscles in the feet, hip and glutes to co-activate. This results in better centration of the joints (improving our posture and alignment) and helps our body to load and unload force efficiently.

As we load or land on the foot, we unwind this torque with control which unlocks our joints and allows for natural shock absorption so we can adapt to the terrain underneath us.

Begin by holding this torque foot position for 10 seconds at a time in a seated position.

Progress to applying torque in a standing position with both feet on the ground before progressing to single leg torque.

Remember to maintain even pressure under the big toe and little toe joint as well as the inside and outside of the heel.

Avoid over-torquing ( a gentle rotation force is all that is needed.)