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What We Do


Are You suffering with painful feet, knees or hips?

Are your faulty foot mechanics getting in the way of you living the active life you crave for? Wanting to avoid pain and injury? Do you find yourself feeling older and stiffer than you are?

I have been where you are.


I have chased pain and treatments. I have been trapped in over supporting my own body with orthotics in the hope it would become the magic bullet that would stop my pain, make me move like I used to and most of all get me back into the activities I love with confidence. Unfortunately it didn’t. After years of further training and using myself as a guinea pig, I know intimately what causes dysfunctional movements in the lower limb and how this will affect your overall alignment and ability to move powerfully and efficiently.

The way we habitually stand and walk on our feet determines our overall health, as well as the alignment of everything our feet support such as ankles, knees, hips and lower backs. 

I have come to realise that people with dysfunctional feet face 5 common problems



They often lack mobility

In our modern world people are sitting more and more and are wearing shoes that over time limit the flexibility or our muscles and joints.



They lack stability 

Which means the muscles that help stabilise you have become weak.



Their joints are out of alignment

Causing increased wear and tear on joints and muscles placing you at higher risk of chronic aches and pains or from suffering an injury.



They lack control over basic movements 



They fail to maintain natural movement patterns


These problems leave you feeling older than you are and less confident to participate in the activities you love and ultimately at much higher risk of chronic pain or injuries.


Our Solution

The Barefoot Movement solves this by:



We treat any mobility issues

... whilst teaching you how to maintain your mobility for life.



we get you activating the weak stabilising muscles

... that have turned off due to poor biomechanics and from compensatory movement patterns.



we teach you how to improve your posture naturally

... from the ground up to get you moving more efficiently whilst creating more power. essentially leaving you feeling like you are 20 again.


What Next?

Its not about throwing away your shoes its about taking control of your body and your life whilst moving like nature intended.

Take action and rebuild feet that support you and your life.