Why Shoes Make “Normal” Gait Impossible

We have become so conditioned to believe that we must wear shoes to not only protect and support our feet but to also fit in with what has become "socially acceptable".

Have you ever stopped to think about what shoes are actually doing to your feet and how shoes may be affecting your whole body.

initially shoes would have been worn as basic coverings to protect our ancestors feet from the elements and played a vital role in helping the human race explore through terrain that may have been too hot, cold or sharp to get to otherwise

Our ancestors may have worn some basic coverings for protection, but they did not alter the way the foot responded when it made contact with the ground. There were no heels. There was no cushioning. There was no “built-in-support”. None of that was “needed”. When or who decided that these features, shapes, colours or brands of shoes were good for our feet? Actually, who decided that any of these were even necessary for our feet at all?

 Modern shoes are packed full of features that although being marketed as being "good" for our feet are actually changing the way we move and creating un-natural gait patterns that may be placing you at much higher risk of pain and injury.

Click the Link below to read Dr Rossi's article on Why Shoes Make “Normal” Gait Impossible, Or Keep an eye out for our upcoming blog series where we will deep dive into these footwear features that are altering your biomechanics.

Natural gait is impossible for the shoe- wearing foot—at least shoes as traditionally designed and constructed. And it is equally impossible for any orthotic to achieve “correct” foot and body balance and gait stability with the orthotic inside the gait negative shoes, no matter how correct and precise the biomechanical design of the orthotic.
— Dr Rossi
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