Don't be S.L.A.C.K

Most people understand that what we put into our bodies has an enormous impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Our modern lifestyle is fast paced, stressful, and we often fill our bodies with convenient nutritionally bankrupt foods and little exercise. 

What most people don’t understand is how our modern day conveniences such as shoes and chairs impact our bodies and the way we move. Our posture and natural way of moving, are often neglected and altered. This leads to your body adapting and compensating un-naturally which results in misalignment and eventually pain and injury.

It is not complicated to avoid this eventual pain, it is about going back to basic ideas that would have been familiar to your ancestors. 



For many thousands of year’s people didn’t wear shoes. We know they wore some basic coverings for protection, but that didn’t change the way the foot responded when it made contact with the ground. There were no heels. There was no cushioning. There was no ‘built-in-support.’ None of that was ‘needed.’ When or who decided that these features and shapes of shoes were good for our feet? Actually, who decided that any of this was even necessary for our feet at all?   (google nike 1970s)



We live in a world where people want a quick fix for their aches and pains. In the podiatry world that bandaid is Orthotics. I recognise that bandaids are sometimes needed short term to treatsymptoms, but The Barefoot Movement’s philosophy is  about building a body that supports you, not a body that needs support.

“The Barefoot Movement is about resetting and reconnecting you to your foundations.”

Do you want to know how to to reset and reconnect to your foundations? After years of working as a Podiatrist the SLACK method naturally evolved. It’s as simple as:

·       Strengthen -    Build strength in the muscles that control your posture

·       Lengthen -       Create Mobility and natural range of motion in your joints, muscles &      tendons.

·       Align -             Learn to naturally align your foundations

·       Control -          Take control of how your body moves.

·       Keep it up -     Maintain your body so it can support you and your lifestyle.



I have applied this method to people from all walks of life and I am constantly amazed at the benefits that I’ve contributed too. As much as everyone is an individual, these are some of the benefits you can experience if you take on board the SLACK Barefoot method.

·       Increased balance and muscle balance

·       decreased aches and pains,

·       improved performance and agility,

·       resetting a natural walking style

·       improved posture and the muscles that support that

·       reduced load and stress on joints and ligaments

·       better alignment,

Going barefoot whenever possible is also going to help you experience the benefits above. I get it, that its 2016 and we are expected to wear shoes. Buy some barefoot shoes. Yep they exist.

I believe everybody should know how to build and maintain their feet and lower limbs. Our feet are made to be used and if you look after them they will easily support you throughout your active life. Feet are actually pretty amazing! Think about how much time you spend on your feet and how much you rely on them. The great news is that if you have neglected your feet - it is not too late!!! I have worked with thousands of pairs of feet, and it never ceases to amaze me how much of a positive impact it can make when people start using and rebuilding their feet and bodies like they were designed to do.

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