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The Barefoot Movement 10 Week Reset Program

  • Corrimal Podiatry Shop 1 Guest Building, Russell St Corrimal, NSW Australia (map)

  Do you suffer with Foot pain?

2.     Have you been chasing answers to symptoms such as heel pain, Achilles pain, knee, back or hip pain?

3.     Do you rely on supportive footwear / orthotics to remain active without pain?



The Barefoot Movement Reset Program has been designed to get you back in control of your body and how it moves.

Many people do not realise that the way we walk, stand and move is the leading cause of the aches and pains we suffer. We constantly search for treatments and answers for these symptoms without ever addressing the underlying cause.


Walking is the most functional movement we perform as humans… yet most people do not walk well. We adopt bad habits and unknowingly create compensations that lead to muscle imbalances and wear and tear of joints.





We live in a world where people want a quick fix for their aches and pains. In the podiatry world that bandaid is Orthotics. I recognise that bandaids are sometimes needed short term to treat  symptoms, but The Barefoot Movement’s philosophy is  about building a body that supports you, not a body that needs support.

“The Barefoot Movement is about resetting and reconnecting you to your foundations.”

Do you want to know how to to reset and reconnect to your foundations? After years of working as a Podiatrist the SLACK method naturally evolved. It’s as simple as:

·      Strengthen -    Build strength in the muscles that control your posture 

·      Lengthen -       Create Mobility and natural range of motion in your joints, muscles &  tendons. 

·      Align -             Learn to naturally align your foundations

·      Control -          Take control of how your body moves. 

·      Keep it up -     Maintain your body so it can support you and your lifestyle.





I have applied this method to people from all walks of life and I am constantly amazed at the benefits that I’ve contributed too. As much as everyone is an individual, these are some of the benefits you can experience if you take on board the SLACK Barefoot method.

·      Increased balance and muscle balance

·      decreased aches and pains,

·      improved performance and agility,

·      resetting a natural walking style

·      improved posture and the muscles that support that

·      reduced load and stress on joints and ligaments

·      better alignment,

  • learn to stabilise your feet through everyday movements
  • Reduce wear and tear on joints
  • Stop leaking potential power
  • - improve balance
  • Reduce the need to rely on supportive footwear and orthotic splints 
  • Reconnect your core to the floor.
  • Learn to stand and walk with "purpose"



I believe everybody should know how to build and maintain their feet and lower limbs. Our feet are made to be used and if you look after them they will easily support you throughout your active life. Feet are actually pretty amazing! Think about how much time you spend on your feet and how much you rely on them. The great news is that if you have neglected your feet - it is not too late!!! I have worked with thousands of pairs of feet, and it never ceases to amaze me how much of a positive impact it can make when people start using and rebuilding their feet and bodies like they were designed to do. 



The Details:

-      The Barefoot Movement Reset program is a 10 week group  program. (Max 6 people) where we meet Fortnightly to progress through the corrective exercises needed to reset and rebuild you feet, hips and core.

The Base program is $250 for 5 fortnightly sessions.


However in our experience people need "ACCOUNTABILITY".

So for a total of $400 train with us every week. 

That's right you will still attend the Corrective exercise sessions, but will also have access to training sessions in the "off weeks". 

This way you will be held accountable and coached through the exercises as well as ensure your form is how it should be.

Training weekly ensures you keep on track and are pushed to progress as quickly as possible.


Book your spot

call (02) 42859006




And let us know if you would like to joint The Barefoot Movement Standard or Platinum package.

-      Standard package = $250 for 5 fortnightly sessions

-      Platinum package = $400 including accountability exercise training sessions (10 sessions)