Unstable Cushioning

Balance pads can be a great training tool in a controlled setting, but it makes no sense to be walking around day to day on unstable cushioning.

Soft cushioned soles exacerbate dysfunction. If your foot is more prone to roll inward or pronate then the cushioning in the shoe can feed that dysfunction, making it harder for your body to correct. If you are more prone to roll your ankles to the outside of your body then guess what? Thats right, the shoe is going to be squishing under the force of your ankle rolling out meaning that your Muscles have to work harder to create stability and to maintain joint centration to hopefully avoid a sprained ankle.

There is a current footwear “marketing” trend for memory foam and soft cushioning, which can feel great on, but do nothing for our feet, posture or body long term!  

I view cushioning like sugar. Sugar can taste great, not because it is good for us but because it tricks our brain into wanting more. Cushioning is the same. It can feel fantastic but does not allow our body to receive the right input and stimulus it requires.

Our feet give constant feed back to our brain to fire the right muscles at the right time, allowing our body to naturally absorb shock and create stability! When the nerves are blocked (from unnecessary cushioning in footwear), the body is constantly having to work harder to create stability on an unstable surface, 

Train your foot to support you  👣🧠💪🏽

Paul Thompson