Paul reviews PAPERKRANE Kids footwear

Nothing gets gets my goat more than seeing kids in dysfunctional footwear that ultimately changes posture and gait or movement patterns. 

When looking at footwear, there are 6 main criteria  I am looking to tick off.

1. Minimal heel height

2. Minimal cushioning 

3. Securely fastened to foot

4. Flexible sole

5. Wide toe box

6. Rounded edges (especially on the soles at the heels)

Once a shoe ticks these boxes my final test is watching people walk in the shoe, to see if the shoe alters gait patterns or rubs/ irritates  the feet (as this will lead to altered movement patterns.


After receiving several pairs of Paperkrane footwear to check out, it was time to put them to the test, These shoes ticked all of the boxes. They are light, flexible, wide in the toes, securely fasten to the foot, have minimal cushioning  and have no built in heel like a lot of other kids brands.  I did find however that to soles of the shoes are squared off which was contributing to some mild forefoot slapping as my 4.5 year old son walks in them.

It is always so  refreshing to find brands who are designing shoes for a naturally functioning "human" foot - and Paperkrane have definitely stepped up as a brand to check out.

Paperkrane footwear are great shoes that allow the foot to function pretty close to a barefoot state and offer parents a fashionable option without compromising foot health.

Paperkrane footwear definitely have earned the tick of approval. 


Check out the video review....