Paul chats with Pete Evans about the Benefits of Being Barefoot

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New podcast just dropped with Paul Thompson, also known as the @thebarefootpodiatrist 

He has had 12 years experience in podiatry. He's also a dad to a 4 year old and advocates for a barefoot lifestyle.

He's passionate about teaching you to build a body that supports itself and to increase the longevity of your joints while reducing your need for orthotics.

His own personal experience with years of orthotics, injuries and increasing pain through day-to-day activities has led him to successfully seek a better way of life. 

Join me as I ask Paul: •    Why is he known as the barefoot podiatrist? •    The importance of being barefoot. •    When we do have to wear shoes, what types are better?

He’ll share with us: •    Characteristics of good feet. •    How the big toe unlocks great functions in your feet. •    How modern shoes cause problems. •    Tips to help reverse damage done to our feet. 

Paul is very knowledgeable in his field, and passionate for a new (or old) way of thinking about human movement, and he shares some real gems with us:

“When we’re walking down the street, you're probably looking at what people are eating - I'm looking at what’s on their feet and how they're walking.”

“What we perceive as normal isn't natural.”

“Nature didn't create us with the intention of putting us in shoes to get around!”

“A modern jogger will have anywhere from 12 to 14 mm of heel raise built-in.”

“Little cuts and things, don't be afraid of that - they’re a lot easier to fix that the big problems that I see later on!” To find out more about Paul Thompson, visit 

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