Mindful Strength Podcast featuring The Barefoot Podiatrist

Paul Thompson is a podiatrist, based out of Australia, with an alternative approach to treatment and foot health. Inspired by his own lifelong journey with foot issues, orthotics and pain, Paul’s perspective on what is possible and accessible in our bodies dramatically changed following the birth of his first child. This turning point led to a perpetual exploration of new ideas and information in what it means to move well; dismantling old paradigms and cultural patterns of movement and healing in our societies. In challenging conventions, Paul’s MO is to support people in living pain free, navigating the everyday with ease and our aging with grace. Kathryn and Paul chat everything feet and movement, including footwear, the barefoot movement, early childhood development, motor control, fascia, playful and natural movement patterns, and how our feet fundamentally connect to the rest of our bodies. Paul stresses the importance of breathing and breath work as it connects to our core and our nervous systems, and the prevalent correlation between foot issues and dysfunctional breathing patterns that he sees in practice. We learn how Paul's own habits and patterns have evolved - what his practice looked like 4 years ago (with orthotics and pain) compared to now (without orthotics and pain) - and he shares some of his favorite and oft taught exercises, as well as providing suggestions for those looking to incorporate less structured footwear into their regime.

Paul Thompson