Gut Health & the Feet


Gut health and gut bacteria is a pretty hot topic right now when discussing disease, and can definitely affect our feet and movement, as chronic inflammation in joints will alter how the body moves.


When I hear gut health though, I can’t help but think about breathing and core stability.

When our breathing becomes dysfunctional (shallow, non diaphramatic) we lose “stability” in the gut which makes it really hard to maintain good intra abdominal pressure and joint alignment whilst moving.


Breathing dysfunctions can also trip the fight / flight response ,  which when triggered for long periods of time can cause an array of problems such as stress and tightness of muscles. 

So when talking about gut health and disease don’t forget to work on stabilising your core and breathing patterns, to assist in strong foundations for a healthier body 👣🧠💪🏽

Paul Thompson