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The new way of Moving


orthotics are over-prescribed... Welcome to the new (old) way of moving

p.s. this isn’t some hippy dream. It’s scientific, it’s D.I.Y and it’s HOLISTIC


Feeling Older?
Feet ache?
Tired of orthotics?

Learn about the tricks that'll get you moving


Want to make sure your child puts their right foot forward?

Help them build their foundations from the ground up


surprisingly, the barefoot movement isn’t really about not wearing shoes...

It's about retraining your body to move the right way


How we started


A podiatrist looking to get back to basics

Hey I’m Paul Thompson! I’ve been a podiatrist for 10 years, and despite having worn orthotics for most of my career, I kept getting aches, pains and started feeling old.. like everyone else.. until I realised there was a better way. I’m tired of the over-prescription and over-reliance of orthotics in the industry, and I am on a mission to help people know there is a new (yet old) natural solution.

More about us


How to get started


Download our free Barefoot Basics Exercise Video 


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