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The Barefoot Movement Foot Function & Stabilty Workshop

  • Bondi Junction Australia (map)

Is your foot posture and foot instability causing power leaks and incresing your risk of pain and injury?


Do you want to experience less lower limb  pain and injury for yourself or your clients? 

Do you want to improve your performace and efficiency by improving your "foot fitness"?


What most people dont understand is how our modern day conveniences such as shoes and chairs impact our bodies and the way we move. Our posture and natural way of moving, are often neglected and altered. This leads to your body adapting and compensating un-naturally which results in misalignment, power leaks and eventually pain and injury.

It is not complicated to avoid this eventual pain, it is about going back to basic movement patterns and building stability from the ground up. 


Stop being 'SLACK' and start supporting yourself!

We live in a world where people want a quick fix for their aches and pains. In the podiatry world that bandaid is Orthotics. I recognise that bandaids are sometimes needed short term to treat symptoms, but The Barefoot Movement's philosophy is about building a body that supports you, not a body that needs support. The Barefoot Movement is about resetting and reconnecting you to your foundations.


Do you want to know how to to reset, reconnect and build strong, stable foundations?

After years of working as a Podiatrist and Pilates instructor, The Barefoot Movement's 'SLACK' method naturally evolved. It's as simple as:

Strengthen - Build strength in the muscles that control your posture

Lengthen - Create Mobility and natural range of motion in your joints, muscles & tendons.

Align - Learn to naturally align your foundations

Control - Take control of how your body moves.

Keep it up - Maintain your body so it can support you and your lifestyle.


Our feet are made to be used and if you look after them they will easily support you throughout your active life.

Feet are actually pretty amazing! Think about how much time you spend on your feet and how much you rely on them. The great news is that if you have neglected your feet, it is not too late!!!  At the Barefoot Movement we have worked with thousands of pairs of feet, and it never ceases to amaze me how much of a positive impact it can make when people start using and rebuilding their feet and bodies like they were designed to do.


Join Paul from The Barefoot Movement as we explore why your feet are becoming weak and how your body is overcompensating for this problem.  Learn why so many people have issues with their foot stability and  why too many people are being steered towards structured shoes and orthotics.

Improve your athletic perormance through stabilising the feet and learn how to maximise your biomechanical advantage.


What is the Barefoot Movement Workshop?

A 1-day hands on exploration of The Barefoot Movement principles and exercises where we learn what is altering your foots "normal" function. Find out what is causing 'leaks' in your performance, pain and injury and what you can implement to maintain healthy, "fit" feet.