Toe Spring is when the toe box of the shoe is raised off the ground. Find out how this feature impacts your gait patterns and feet.

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Paul Thompson
The Art Of Natural Running

So you read Born To Run, you read The Barefoot Athlete and you got all inspired to start running more naturally.

The problem is that you tried and you aren't sure if you have the technique right, or you don't know how to ease into it, or you tried but you got injured.

Well I can HELP!

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Paul chats with Pete Evans about the Benefits of Being Barefoot

Join Pete Evans on the recipes for life podcast as he asks Paul:

• Why is he known as the barefoot podiatrist?

• The importance of being barefoot.

• When we do have to wear shoes, what types are better?

He’ll share with us:

• Characteristics of good feet.

• How the big toe unlocks great functions in your feet.

• How modern shoes cause problems.

• Tips to help reverse damage done to our feet. 

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Paul Thompson
Mindful Strength Podcast featuring The Barefoot Podiatrist

Kathryn and Paul chat everything feet and movement, including footwear, the barefoot movement, early childhood development, motor control, fascia, playful and natural movement patterns, and how our feet fundamentally connect to the rest of our bodies. Paul stresses the importance of breathing and breath work as it connects to our core and our nervous systems, and the prevalent correlation between foot issues and dysfunctional breathing patterns that he sees in practice. We learn how Paul’s own habits and patterns have evolved – what his practice looked like 4 years ago (with orthotics and pain) compared to now (without orthotics and pain) – and he shares some of his favorite and oft taught exercises, as well as providing suggestions for those looking to incorporate less structured footwear into their regime.

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Paul Thompson

Many people don’t realise but the average jogger, school and work shoe have on average about a centimetre and a half raised heel built in. This may not seem like much (even though it causes lots of compensations and muscle imbalances in the body), and times that by 7-8 hours per day, 5+ times per week and we have a problem.

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Paul Thompson
Torque Foot

Our foundations rely on a principle of “Torque”. Applying torque to the foot creates a rotation force through the ankles, knees and hips, which starts a chain reaction, causing muscles in the feet, hip and glutes to co-activate. This results in better centration of the joints (improving our posture and alignment) and helps our body to load and unload force efficiently.

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Why Shoes Make “Normal” Gait Impossible

Modern shoes are packed full of features that although being marketed as being "good" for our feet are actually changing the way we move and creating un-natural gait patterns that may be placing you at much higher risk of pain and injury.

Click the Link below to read Dr Rossi's article on Why Shoes Make “Normal” Gait Impossible, 

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Don't be S.L.A.C.K


We live in a world where people want a quick fix for their aches and pains. In the podiatry world that bandaid is Orthotics. I recognise that bandaids are sometimes needed short term to treatsymptoms, but The Barefoot Movement’s philosophy is  about building a body that supports you, not a body that needs support.

“The Barefoot Movement is about resetting and reconnecting you to your foundations.”

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