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Barefoot Kids


Setting the Right Foundations from the start

Raising a child is no easy feat. The choices we make early on in our childs life can play a huge role in their development both mentally and physically and has the potential to haunt them for the rest of their lives if we make the wrong decision.

Feet are no exception. Our feet are our foundations. If these foundations are weak or not functioning correctly it can increase wear and tear on joints, affect correct development and even stop our children wanting to participate in active lifestyles which can lead to other health issues such as childhood obesity and diabetes.

Although most of us never think about it we are making lifelong decisions everyday for our children starting at the feet. One of the most important decisions we as a parent make everyday is as simple as the choice of shoe we place on our child's foot. This alone has the ability to alter posture, walking patterns and even the shape of our feet.


Treating Kids

At the Barefoot Movement we understand treating kids differs to treating adults. Our foot posture rehab programs have been designed with this in mind. One on one treatments are still offered however we find that our group classes which are available for eligible candidates are built for success.

The program runs over a school term once per week in a small group setting. This enables us to regularly track, monitor progress. It also creates accountability, The exercises we prescribe get done weekly in the presence of the podiatrist to ensure form is good. The kids also keep each other accountable whilst having fun.

The best part is the classes are affordable whilst achieving the same results as one on one consultations.



Kids Programs

At The Barefoot Movement we are passionate about keeping your family’s bodies moving naturally and functionally to prevent those avoidable unwanted aches and pains that ultimately affect your life.

We’re all about helping parents understand how to prevent foot posture problems or how to restore natural movement and function to feet without having to resort to orthotics and stability shoes as a life sentence.

In order to help you as a parent guide your little one to a strong foundation, we have designed several programs to suit where you and your children are at.



Barefoot play and assessment groups - Free

The Barefoot play and assessment events allows you to bring your toddler along to your local park and play with other children whilst being screened by one of our highly trained Functional Barefoot Podiatrists

As parents of toddlers we quite often want to know that everything is going ok and that we are doing everything we can to help our little one. In these sessions you will receive education from our Podiatrists on how to choose the right footwear for your toddler as well as tips on building strong foundations (foot posture) through play. Our Podiatrists will also provide a basic screening of your child to highlight what your child is doing well and what you may need to keep an eye on.

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School age kids

Foot Posture Discovery Session

By School age our children are already beginning to form habits and patterns with the way they stand and walk. Footwear choices are being made that if not right can set your child on a path of dysfunctionalfeet for many years to come.  The way we habitually stand and walk on our feet determines their overall health, as well as the alignment of everything our feet support such as ankles, knees, hips and lower backs. So it is important we get it right or corrected where needed at an early age.

Our philosophy at the Barefoot movement is to avoid orthotics and other artificial supports and bandaid approaches, where possible, and instead retrain the body to move naturally and efficiently so that ultimately the body is empowered to support itself and its movements. 

If you are concerned with how your child is moving, their foot posture or if your child is suffering with lower limb pain then book in for one of our functional foot posture discovery sessions.

Once assessed we can give you a very clear breakdown of what is causing the pain, what is stopping your child biomechanically form moving well and how we go about fixing the issues naturally.

Foot Posture Overhaul

Foot Posture Mastery Session

For the child that needs a complete foot posture overhaul they may be accepted to our Foot Posture Mastery Program.

The 12 week fix flat feet program specifically follows the 5 step methodology of the Barefoot Movement for developing the essential skills needed to maximise lower limb posture and foot control

Over 12 weeks:

  1. They develop a clear understanding of what areas lack mobility, why they lack mobility and how to address it.

  2. They build strength in the muscles needed for maximising foot posture

  3. They develop control of the lower limb and learn to integrate foot strength and posture through movement.

  4. They raise awareness on how to stand, walk, run in the most efficient position relative to their chosen athletic activity.

  5. They learn why increasing support and stability with shoes and orthotics can often lead to further dysfunction.

The program also gives our clients access to barefoot training classes.

You will gain:

  • Stronger foot and lower limb posture through movement

  • Greater development of athletic skills

  • Reduce injury

  • The ultimate result is…
    Fix Flat Feet and avoid orthotics


Download our footwear guide for parents Presentation